Your hair looks fine…wash your hands please!

I’m standing at the urinal in a public bathroom and the guy next to me zips up, walks in front of the mirror, fixes his hair, and then heads right out without even looking at the sink to wash his hands!

I can’t tell you how many times this happens!

Basically, the guy is saying, “What I was just touching is cleaner than anything in here so…I’m good.” He has decided to be comfortable with the cleanest dirty thing.  How do you feel about being clean?  Is clean clean or is it just the least amount of dirty?

I’m sure you’re all saying…this is so gross, of course clean is clean!

Be sure you hold yourself to the same standards.  Is the way you deal with society, just on par with how everyone else does…a little dirty, or completely clean? Do you really treat people (the guy who cut you off, your boss, your employees, your customers, your vendors) with the compassion and tenderness you hope others would extend to you?

Don’t limit yourself by being the cleanest dirty thing.  Everything will just keep getting dirtier. Commit to refuse to add to the dirty. Do what’s right and not just what’s acceptable.  Collectively, we can clean things up and make clean, clean again.

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