You Are a Brand

Do you see your company as a brand?  If you don’t – open your eyes!

You are a brand whether you want to admit it or not. Picture your company as a person walking down the sidewalk.  What would he/she be wearing?  How would he/she talk? What would his/her personality traits be?  This is a reality that big brands understand and use every day to remain CHAMPION brands!  It’s not just for the big boys and girls – it’s for you too!

You MUST take the time to understand what your brand represents and who it attracts so that you can get deliberate in attracting more of those people.

One of the first steps to finding out the personality of your brand is to understand your archetype.

Go to and answer a few questions.  We’ll tell you some of your brand traits, which can help you get a little more focused.

Hey what do you have to lose? It’s free, so give it shot!

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