Win or Lose

You either win or lose. Your choice.

There is no in-between or other option.

Being optimistic scares some people because they think it will keep them from reality.  Or sometimes things will not work out, so optimism is a scape goat. When in fact, being optimistic or staying positive is the best solution when it gets scary, when reality sets in or things are not working out.  If you do not start with optimism you’ve already lost, no matter the outcome.

Winning is…

Inspiring others to do better

Being teachable…always

Showing empathy towards others

Having compassion even when it’s tough

Driving positive change when no one wants to

There are so many more ways to win!

Losing is the opposite…

Refusing change

Knowing it all

Treating people like things

Giving an eye for an eye

Quitting when the going gets tough


Losing is typical. Losing is the easy way out. Losing can be confused with winning when you are not using the right measuring stick.

Stop being a loser and start with optimism. Others will hold your hand up as a champion.

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