When You Know It’s True

Vegetables vs. Big Mac

I’m watching a documentary about how eating more vegetables is better for my health. I know this is true because my mom and dad have harped on me to eat my vegetables since I was a kid. I also know this is true as an adult because I feel better when I eat a salad rather than a Big Mac. But that Big Mac is so easy to get my hands on now. No preparation.

Before I can eat my veggies, there is prep work that is required. First, I have to go to the grocery store to pick out the fresh veggies. Then, I need to properly wash, cut, and package them for easy eating. A lot of work, but the health benefits are out of this world. Whether you like vegetables or not, you cannot argue that they aren’t better for you. But who wants to do all that work?

Anyone who wants to live a long, healthy life…

Veggie Brand vs. Big Mac Brand

When we discuss the idea that branding starts from the inside of an organization, no one can argue with that truth. It makes sense and just feels right, but an organization can decide to go the quick route because the healthier route is too much prep work. Why do all that leg work, when I can just get a “Big Mac” brand now.

That “Big Mac” brand will feel great at first, but you’ll regret the way you feel immediately after finishing it…thinking, “I should have gotten the Salad brand.”

Just do what you know is true and you won’t go wrong.

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