We Want To Know What You Had For Lunch!

Are you documenting?

I would love to hear what my grandfather thought about and hear his philosophies on family, life and religion, but he didn’t write them down.
I would love to see what my grandmother fed my aunt for lunch on Wednesday 48 years ago.
I would love to read about the frustration felt at the LPC Group when we printed a book wrong in November of 1999.

Many claim they don’t want to put anything on social media or online because selfishly (my words), they don’t want to expose too much of their lives. But…what about the people who care, who will be motivated and inspired by their story. We all have something to say and have an inspiring story that others care about.

I wonder if scrutiny is the actual deterrent of sharing?
They won’t like this. They might not agree. They might think. They might say.

I’m giving you permission (I’m nobody, but I’m still going to say it) to document. It doesn’t have to be with social media (by the way it makes it such a no brainer, but if you want to do it another way, be my guest), but find a way to write down, record and index your ideas, wins and loses.

Those who can relate to it today will benefit and those who come after you will appreciate it beyond measure.

Not only will the ones around you benefit, but you will begin to discover new abilities and passions that you never knew were there.
Document today, for tomorrow’s sake.




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