What Is The Shuggeffect?

We all have the desire to be given more than expected.  We all love to be treated like a friend by someone we just met. Don’t you love the pleasant surprise of someone treating you like they actually care when they aren’t required to?

If that is universal and a common desire as humans, why is it so rare to find in business?  Why do policies and rules govern how customers, vendors and employees are treated? Couldn’t we use principles and values to guide how to give more than necessary rather than giving rules to be sure we don’t give too much?

Sugar, our office dog, taught us the answer to these questions, which lead us through the creation of “The Shuggeffect.”

The Shuggeffect is the process used by LPC Group. It is used to help a company define it’s purpose and values in order to properly brand itself. It starts from the inside out. The process is repeatable for any business, in any industry. It takes hard work and focus, but if Sugar the dog can get it, so can you.

You can get your copy of our book “The Shuggeffect” on Amazon here.

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