What is perfection?

Is perfection always getting it right? Is it always being right? You might be saying, yes…of course, that is perfection, and you would be right.

On the other hand, is learning a life long lesson from a mistake perfection? Is giving others more than they expect perfection? Is sharing excitement with those who are not excited perfection?  I hope you are thinking that the above examples are perfection also.  I’m not perfect and neither are you. The only perfection we can strive for is to react to imperfections perfectly.

If I was only given what I deserved, then I would have never progressed.  From the day I was born, I was given undeserved love, compassion, wisdom, and much more.  If we only give or share with others what they deserve, we support the idea of imperfection.  We spread imperfection because imperfection was shared with us. But, when we give more than necessary, when we love those who don’t love us, and we speak well of those who don’t deserve it, we react to those imperfections, that we all have, with perfection. We prove that perfection is possible and is actually generated by others imperfections.  Perfection comes by imperfection? Absolutely! So the next time someone frustrates you, pulls one over on you, seems ungrateful, or is selfish…show them perfection by giving them more than they expect back.  This is only way you and I can attain perfection.


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