What Inspires You?

I have the best ideas when I’m mowing the lawn or even people watching with a warm cup of coffee in my hand.  That’s why when I really want to get creative and get the juices flowing, I sit down at my desk, put my hands on the key board of my computer, and…NOTHING! That’s right…NOTHING!  I just told you when I have my best ideas.  Why would I expect new ideas and inspiration to come sitting at my desk staring at a computer screen.

What inspires you? What activities give you new innovative ideas? What keeps you from getting wrapped up in the way you always do things?  Whatever it is for you, spend more time doing it…and the scariest thing of all is, I think, you should do more of it AT WORK!  A half hour of people watching and ten new ideas is way more valuable than 3 hours of thinking, surfing the web, checking Facebook, then thinking some more, checking Facebook, and one copied idea from Pinterest.

If work is a place where progress should happen then spend time making progress.  There are no rules about what work work looks like.  But there are mathematical rules about work and this one is my favorite.

Power = Work/Time

If you want “POWER,” then you must do the most “WORK” in the shortest amount of “TIME.”  This happens when you are inspired, passionate, and driven.  Don’t spend SO much time doing what APPEARS to be work and do more of what inspires you to do REAL work.  The best part of all, is that you won’t feel like you worked a day of your life.

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