What if…

What would you say to someone if they said they just wanted to eat candy and lose weight?  What if someone told you they wanted to get somewhere fast, but they wanted to crawl there?  What about if someone told you that they wanted to be a better person, but didn’t want to learn anything?

Of course, we would say this person is crazy.  You can’t get what you want by doing the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.  Not really a shocker, right? Well, what if someone told you that they wanted more clients, but they didn’t want to treat the ones they have like gold?  What if a friend told you he wanted committed employees, but he didn’t want to take the time to make them feel like they mattered?  What if another friend told you she wanted to start a company that inspired people, but only if the inspiration resulted in a sale?

While the second set of examples sound just as crazy, many businesses operate daily with the assumption that they’ll get the desired results by doing the opposite of what really works. If you want more clients you must, must, must treat the ones you currently have like gold. If you want committed employees you must listen to them and treat them like people and not things. An inspiring company attracts, period. Don’t hinge inspiration on what you’ll get back…just give it.

If you want to grow in a way that really lasts, you must consider the whole package. If you skip something or slack off in one area the whole operation suffers. Instead of saying “what if” as a way of seeing how little you can get away with, start saying “what if” I gave a little more or “what if” I went out of my way. It will certainly bring the results you desire.

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