What if you bailed on your first day of school?

Today is my daughter’s first day of Kindergarden.  She couldn’t fall asleep last night because she was so nervous and scared.  She kept saying to me, “But daddy, I barely know my teacher and there will be so many kids there that I don’t know.”  I assured her that I remembered the feeling and the rest of the kids would feel the same way.  I continued…the feeling was normal and she should find some sort of comfort in the fact that everyone was scared because they didn’t know what to expect.  Then, I realized I might be going about this all wrong and maybe I had been for a while.  She was scared of the unknown.  Because she didn’t know what to expect, it must be negative.  If she didn’t experience it before, something “bad” must be the result.  Was she born with this, are we all born with this, or is it learned?

Our kids say, “Keep the night light on for me daddy, because if it’s dark there might be monsters in my room.”  It is very easy for us to look back, understand the feeling, and also think about how foolish that idea is.  We know better.  We’ve made it through our childhood without being eaten by monsters in the middle of the night.  Now we sleep without a night light.  Congratulations!

Lets make a parallel.  You might be saying, “I’ve got to completely change the way I do things (personal, family, business, health) to get where I want to be, but I’m freaking out because it might not work!” So, you’re saying there might be monsters because you don’t know what to expect? There is comfort in doing things that bring expected results…but know that repeatedly achieving expected results never creates anything new.  Let me say it again. If you only set out to do what has expected results, you will never create anything new!

Think of where you would be if you bailed on that first day of school because you didn’t know what to expect.  Think of the friendships you might have missed, the coaches or instructors you might have not had an opportunity to be influenced by, or maybe you just learned that if you pushed yourself beyond what you knew, something good would surely happen.  All those  experiences have shaped who you are today, but they were unknowns that very first day of school.

Don’t be scared just because you don’t know what to expect. Times of uncertainty are most often the times we get the most creative, the times we rely on powers greater than “I” and the times we are faced with the choice of seeing opportunity.  The monsters will be there with or without the night light, so don’t be afraid of the dark.  Ava, your beautiful little spirit will bring something so special to your school today…don’t be afraid of your first day.  Individually, we all have something to offer this world that no one else does, so don’t be afraid of creating something new.

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