What I shoulda said was…

I was in a non-client meeting recently, and I had the opportunity to describe what branding meant to us.  In the middle of me talking, a person in the room said, “Well bring up some samples of your branding.”  Have you ever looked back at an interaction with someone and said to yourself, “I should have said…”?

This was one of those times for me.  I proceeded to tell the person that our new website was not up yet to showcase our branding capabilities. What I shoulda said was, “I can’t just show you our branding, you have to feel it.  Let’s call one of our customers and listen to their excitement.  Let’s talk to one of their employees and see if they work with passion and vision.”

New logos, colors and tag lines create excitement for the short term and are very fun to work on…but what is best, is when that look is accompanied with a culture that reflects and supports it.  Branding is a look, but it is also a feel.

Your branding should be felt and that is more than a page on our website – that’s what I shoulda said!


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