Today, A Kiss On The Forehead Means Everything

On my way into work this morning….

I saw a tired mother carrying her young daughter out of her humble apartment to the car.
She was bringing her to day care before work.

As she was lifting her into the car, she kissed the little girl on the forehead.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “how do you know so much about what was going on?”
The details told the story.

This little girl has one thing to understand right now in her life…”do I feel loved, or not.”
From what I could see, regardless of her mother’s burdens, lack of sleep and busy schedule, this little girl was aware her mother loved her.

This is so basic, yet as adults we are so easily distracted by our surroundings that we quickly become less aware of the important things.
Unfortunately, when you and I do this we start pointing fingers and blaming.

Being self-aware can only produce gratefulness and positive change.

This matters everywhere.
Business. Home. Family. Religion.

Be self-aware of what you can offer to those around you, while understanding that you can’t do it alone.
We’ve all got something to be grateful for, even if it is a kiss on the forehead this morning.

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