The secret to being #1 on any Google search

Last week I was able to go to my first Daddy Daughter dance, and I had an absolute blast!  It was a memory that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.  When we arrived I was relieved of a fear that my little girl would be nervously attached to my leg.  I was happy to see her dancing right in the middle of all the action. It was a mosh pit of little girls dancing to all their favorite songs. I was proud to see my little Ava had invested herself with enough of the girls that it carried over into the evening.  Over the school year, she must have become invested with her friends through playing together, helping each other, and in some way giving and receiving value to each other.  Then, when the big night came, it was organic (a natural occurrence) that she would be where the action was.  I couldn’t have paid to have this happen if I wanted to.

Ava and her friends could teach us a few things about making it up the Google ladder.  Yes, a bunch of six-year-olds could teach us a thing or two. Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t about paying for someone to get your website to the top, or creating some hidden code that makes Google think you are more relevant and valuable than you really are.  Maybe it is actually about being valuable?  If you take the time to invest in your customers, allow them to provide honest feedback, provide them with valuable resources, and make it difficult for them not to talk positively about you with their friends, Google will have no choice but to bring you up the list.  Regardless of their “new” algorithm.  Sound like too much work?  Sounds like it would take too long?  If you’re looking for true, lasting friends/customers that will jump in the mosh pit with you, then there is no alternative.  Bring value with what you do and you won’t have to rely on tactics and tricks.  You’ll organically grow relationships that will last much longer than any paid click or search.  Sometimes, it literally pays to think like a six- year-old.

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