The Interview. The First Step To…

Disaster or Synergy.
Your choice.

The first step in designing the company culture you desire…
…is to hire the right people.

How do I know this?

I’ve hired right and I’ve hired wrong.
Right has brought growth and synergy.
Wrong has brought nothing but disaster.

Why would anyone rush this MOST IMPORTANT step that provides the future OXYGEN of a company?
That’s right, I referred to the culture of a company, as the oxygen.

This is how important culture is…

Last week Google had its employees walk out on them…they had better be careful or they might lose their oxygen.
The zest, excitement, commitment, and desire can be lost by a bad culture.

If culture is powerful enough to raddle Google, we all should be paying extra attention.
Hiring the right people who can add to the culture of your business is “step one” and could arguably be the most important step.

Don’t rush it.
Don’t make light of it.

Interview and hire with purpose.
Your culture will thank you for it.
There will be plenty of oxygen.


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