Just Get Back On Your Bike 🚲

Do you remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? When you rode more than five feet without falling? I sure do, it will be a day I never forget. I learned late in my childhood. I was nine. It was on a 24-inch used bike that my parents bought for $15 off […]


I am sure by now you are asking yourself why in the world has Keith started writing these weekly emails. I had to ask myself the same question. The answer came quickly. I was running as fast as I could with fear, and my life was on fire. The flames were out of control, and […]

All You Need Is Love ❤️

Love is like a seed

In 1967 the Beatles released the song, All You Need Is Love. The song was their contribution to the first-ever live global event, Our World. The program was broadcast via satellite and seen by over 400 million people in 25 countries. The lyrics were simple so that everyone would understand the message. All You Need […]

Inspiration ROCKS!

Did you sharpen your communication skills this week? Did you listen for direction? Our challenge this week was to continue to pray, not asking for anything but waiting on an inspirational path. I did hear from quite a few that were willing to take on this challenge, so how did it go? Truthfully, I could […]

Push Regardless!

Well, how did everyone do? Our challenge was to pray this week to prove Prayer Works! I can say for myself it was a very challenging week – but intermixed was some beautiful blessings. Monday morning, I received news that two of our employees at LPC lost family members over the weekend. One to COVID-19 […]


Are we holding up? Are we tired of this, or are we taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity? I woke up at 1 AM from the voice of the Lord – “you are going to be okay; I have you.” I received a phone call this week that a good friend from Life Time Shelby […]

Be Your Way?!

I might be dating myself but does anyone remember the Burger King slogan – “Have it your way?” Burger King was the first Fast Food Restaurant to offer custom food orders. Extra pickles – no problem, double cheese, and extra onions again no problem. Meanwhile, McDonald’s and Burger Chef were working on speed by pre-making […]

Sometimes You’re Too Close

Take a step back. The only way to really appreciate a picture is to take a step back so you can see the whole thing. If you only look close, you could miss what the entire picture is expressing. Work is a picture. Branding and Marketing is a picture Your next decision is a picture. […]

Stay The Course

“Patience is a virtue.” We all want to see the results of any labor immediately. It’s natural and completely normal to experience those expectations, but we know it is NOT reasonable. Why then would marketing and branding be any different? It is a LONG GAME kinda thing. A new Facebook Ad or Instagram picture isn’t […]

Give This And You’ll Never Regret The Return.

Giving is such a funny thing. As kids, we always want what’s fair. I think the phrase I hear most from my kids is “…it’s not fair.” When I give, without even thinking about it, I look for an equal or maybe an even greater return on my give. I’m human, so it’s what we […]