The Interview. The First Step To…

Disaster or Synergy. Your choice. The first step in designing the company culture you desire… …is to hire the right people. How do I know this? I’ve hired right and I’ve hired wrong. Right has brought growth and synergy. Wrong has brought nothing but disaster. Why would anyone rush this MOST IMPORTANT step that provides the […]

Whatcha Gonna Do?

“Whatcha gonna do when the Hulkster runs wild on you, brother?” I remember Hulk Hogan saying that before every big WWF wrestling match. Basically saying to his opponent…are you prepared and have you thought about what could happen when I get in that ring? Believe it or not, Hulk Hogan’s quote is in my head ALL […]

The Opportunity!

Everybody is a little right. Everybody is a little wrong. Which means nobody has it all figured out. That’s your opportunity. Put your head down. Do it your way. Listen. Try. Do. …and be willing to accept the good and the bad.  

Do Your Eyes Light Up?

When you talk about what you do…do your eyes light up? If you were to mention my wife and cooking in the same sentence, my eyes would light up, cause I know it’s going to be good. If you were to talk about protein options with a bodybuilder, I would imagine his/her eyes would light […]

My Mind Is Blown!

The demand for brand therapy… According to this study, the responding brands… 55% believe their internal brand culture is aligned with external brand values 35% of respondents believe they understand their role in delivering a branded customer experience So, about 1/2 of the responding brands believe their culture matches what the company says about itself […]

It’s Never A Moving Target

Where do you aim? Something new comes out every day that changes everything. So, how do you effectively stay on target of marketing your business? Know your target! Are you aiming at closing the deal or sale? Are you aiming at convincing someone you know what you are talking about? Or are you aiming at […]

Perfection, When Things Aren’t Perfect

Perfect… When I look at my children laughing and playing, I see perfection. When my wife tells me she loves me, I feel perfection. When I hold the door open for the old lady walking out of CVS, I am sharing perfection. In all those instances things are NOT perfect, but in perspective. Why then […]

Today, A Kiss On The Forehead Means Everything

On my way into work this morning…. I saw a tired mother carrying her young daughter out of her humble apartment to the car. She was bringing her to day care before work. As she was lifting her into the car, she kissed the little girl on the forehead. I’m sure you’re thinking, “how do […]

Are You Turning Into A Commodity? It’s All Up To You.

In the past… You needed an expensive camera to take great pictures. You needed crazy computers and software to design a nice looking ad. You had to send out 10,000 mailers to connect with people you could never reach on your own. You had to pay a pretty penny for a commercial. Now you can […]


Create. Consume. Create more. We spend so much time consuming other people’s content, ideas, motivation and inspiration that we so easily can minimize our own content, ideas, motivation and inspiration. You are interesting, special and one of a kind. I’m not saying that just to make you feel good while reading this, but because it […]