My Mind Is Blown!

The demand for brand therapy… According to this study, the responding brands… 55% believe their internal brand culture is aligned with external brand values 35% of respondents believe they understand their role in delivering a branded customer experience So, about 1/2 of the responding brands believe their culture matches what the company says about itself […]

It’s All Psychology

Proper branding uses psychology. Why not just pick your favorite color and design a logo with your favorite animal… Many small brands think that’s all it takes. ‘A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.’ – […]

Some Things Always Never Change

But, they never always change… If you could have asked my grandfather if hard work was important, he would have answered, “of course.” If you ask my dad if hard work is important, he will answer, “of course.” If you ask me if hard work is important, I will answer, “of course.” Everyone agrees that […]

90% people….Did you hear me? 90%!!!

90% of searchers… Haven’t made up their mind about a brand before starting their search. Do you realize the opportunity you have? That means that most people are looking for you to help them make up their mind. And by the way…the internet is free. Yeah, it takes a lot of grit, hustle and thought […]

Independence Does Not Mean Alone

The United States of America celebrates our independence today…consider this. When I was a teenager, all I could think about was my independence. I couldn’t wait to be in a place where no one could tell me what to do, where to go or how to do things. I wanted my independence! What I didn’t realize […]

Build Your Dreams

“The most important part to understand about what you do, is why.” Is it about the money? Is it about the title? Is it about the lifestyle? Is it about the value you bring to others? _____ Any of these are ok as long as you are honest with yourself.  If it is a dream, […]

Win or Lose

You either win or lose. Your choice. There is no in-between or other option. Being optimistic scares some people because they think it will keep them from reality.  Or sometimes things will not work out, so optimism is a scape goat. When in fact, being optimistic or staying positive is the best solution when it […]

You Don’t Know Until You Know

Now he knows… My son just learned how to ride his two-wheeler bike. Now he knows, and wonders why he didn’t learn earlier. Now she knows… My daughter just learned how to play her last song of the year on her recorder. Now she wonders what new song she can learn. Now I know… I’ve […]

A Tri-fold Brochure? Are You Sure?

Six panels of space that must be filled….the dreaded tri-fold brochure. We meet with a lot of companies that say, “we need a tri-fold brochure.” Then they show me some samples of others that they like. 99.9% of the time they are an 8.5″x11″ sheet of glossy paper folded into thirds. They go on to […]

Branding Is The Energy

Know Branding How do you feel when you see a Nike commercial? I feel inspired and motivated. How do you feel when you see a Nike print ad? I feel inspired and motivated. How do you feel when you see a Nike digital ad? I feel inspired and motivated. Nike knows how it wants you to […]