Steeler fans or gypsies…whatever you call them, they are a force to be reckoned with

It might just be me, but…

Have you ever met someone who you thought was from Pennsylvania because they were crazy, and I mean really crazy, over the Pittsburg  Steelers? The funny thing is, once you dive deeper into the conversation, most of the time, you’ll find out they don’t even currently live there, or their grandparents were from there at some point, or they live in Ohio and that’s pretty close, so…it’s obvious right, they should be over the top excited about anything “Steelers.”

It doesn’t make sense to me, but the phenomenon is amazing none the less. I do have some friends who fit into this category. At first, I thought it was isolated, but come to find out, if you have any ties or roots to that wonderful state, you will watch and enthusiastically cheer for the Pittsburg Steelers.  Regardless of how far away you may have moved, how long it has been since you’ve visited, or even if the team is horrible. The passionate following exists.

Don’t even try to get in the way of it, because it is a certain fight.  It cannot be changed by some new team in the league with a fancy uniform.  It can’t be changed by a bad year or two.  It can’t be changed by a debate over stats.  It is a following that runs deep and can actually be annoying to those who don’t share that same zeal for the Steelers. Today, I cannot help but to respect what the Pittsburg Steelers have created. They have created a following that only sees opportunity. They have created a following that cannot be swayed based on their geographic location or even who else around them agrees.  Finally, and most incredibly, they have created a following that passes down their enthusiasm.  Maybe this DOES make sense to me…the Steelers have accomplished what most businesses try tireless for, but many times only catch a glimpse of.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if your business had a following like that? STOP! Don’t even start to make excuses of why your company, your small business, or even home business is different than the Steelers.  Call it a cult if you want, but you and I can learn a lot from those psyched, passionate, unwavering, faithful…you catch my drift…fans. Every success, every failure, every interaction, every phone call is an opportunity to create and solidify your following.  Don’t minimize those opportunities, because if they’re not rooting for your team they will be rooting for someone else’s.


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