Speak volumes

My eyes open. It’s 2 am.

I see my beautiful wife peacefully sleeping next to me.  Without her saying a word she says, “I still love you enough to be here and I feel safe.”  I quietly leave our bedroom and head to our childrens’ rooms.  I see our two little angels sleeping so peacefully. I can’t help but get emotional just thinking about the privilege it is to be their dad.  Without saying a word they say, “Thanks for making my life cozy.  I feel safe and content.”  I pull the covers up a little to make sure they don’t get cold. This whole scenario happens for me on a regular basis.  In these moments, no words are exchanged, but my little family speaks volumes to me.  How they treat me everyday is even reinforced as they sleep. My little family makes such an effort to make me feel accepted, worth something, and most of all loved, that I even feel it when they’re not telling me.

The way you interact with others on a regular basis will be reinforced even when you’re not saying a word. Be sure to show your family, friends, coworkers, and employees how you’d like them to feel even when you don’t have the opportunity to tell them.  Nothing can be accomplished to its fullest potential without the  input and help of others. Be sure to recognize the the worth of those around you.  Eventually, you’ll be able to speak volumes without even saying a word.

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