I’ll poop on Friday

So, my wife and I are working on potty training our three-year old little boy…

He just won’t get excited about going poop on the toilet.  When he poops in his diaper, I ask him when he is going to start pooping on the potty? Every time, he responds, “I’ll poop on the potty on Friday.”  It doesn’t matter what day it is…he always tells me he’ll do it on Friday.  I’m not sure why he picks Fridays and I’m not sure he even knows why he picks Fridays.  What he does know, is that he will handle that later.  He’ll put it on the schedule.  He’ll give it a date and plan, so I’ll feel better about letting it wait.  I’m sure you can guess what happens when Friday rolls around.  You got it, he tells me he’ll do it next Friday.  Again, he’ll schedule it and try to make me feel good that he is planning for it.

Obviously, I know it can’t continue this way, but his example really made me think if I figuratively schedule myself to poop on Fridays?


Do I consistently push things that need to get done?  Do I schedule them, reschedule them, and then reschedule them without any real intent to get it done, until it becomes absolutely urgent? I recognized that my 3-year-old and I had a lot in common.  We, both in our own way, will poop on Fridays. My advice to him would be, “You’ll feel so good when you go on the potty.  You’ll feel good that you did something you were scared to do yesterday.  Most of all, you’ll feel so good and free that you don’t have to walk around everyday with poop in your pants.”  Could I take my own advice? Absolutely! When I put off things until tomorrow or procrastinate I need to see myself as walking around with a “stinky load” in my pants.

Don’t wait until Friday to get done what you need to.  Realistically, schedule yourself.  Set out to accomplish your plan.  Know that your day will not go as planned, so plan for that.  Don’t take short cuts like  buying a great smelling air freshener to mask the “stinky load” you’re carrying around.  Take advantage of the freedom and exuberance you’ll feel when you can release yourself of those tasks that have been binding you up…and don’t wait until Friday.  This freedom can be and should be felt daily.

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