Connection Closes The Deal – 7 Reasons

The 7 Reasons

The HBR Article “7 Reasons Salespeople Don’t Close the Deal” illustrates the importance of the personal connection over the actual product or service.

They are…

  • They are not trusted or respected
  • They can’t converse effectively with the senior executives
  • They can’t clearly explain how their solution helps the buyer’s business
  • They are too self-centered
  • They use the wrong closing strategy
  • They don’t alleviate the risk of buying their solution
  • They can’t establish a personal connection with the buyer

First of all, the product or service should obviously be effective…that’s a given, but it is so clear to me that the way in which it is presented is what decides the yes or no.

Time spent on the product/service is absolutely necessary, but what about time spent on how it’s presented? The words used? The descriptive graphics and readability? How clear is the message?

A brand should stay true to its character when deciding how to send its message.  Think of your brand as a person walking down the street.  How would he/she walk and talk?  What words would he/she use?  What clothes would  he/she wear?  Really…shut your eyes and imagine what that person would be, and don’t vary from it.

It WILL be the deciding factor when making a sale.

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