People watching 101

She’s too tan. He’s really tall. Her hair is too long. Where did she get that dress? He needs to stop skipping leg day. That’s a wig. Is that Kim Kardashi…nope. How did he end up with her? Did he just fart when he walked by? She looks like a bird. Great sandals! He needs to shave that hair on his chin.

Do you people watch? Most of us do. Without even realizing it, we can do it for hours. We are able to pick out the details of all different people in a second or so. Sometimes, we might even decide what kind of person he or she is if we have the luxury of a few seconds, just as they walk by. You actually start making so many generalizations, that you begin to feel like you surely know every detail of a person’s life. By now, you’re either chuckling inside because you do the same thing, or you’re thinking I need help.

While most of the traits we notice while people watching are purely physical, it’s no surprise that we are very good at recognizing other differences in each other as well. We all try our best to see these differences as opportunities, but it is a natural struggle to stay there. Our job and responsibility to each other is to bring out the best from those unique qualities. Most employees feel that they have much more to offer than their employer allows them to put into practice on a daily basis. What a shame! Let’s spend more time making people feel great about being different than ourselves. If you find yourself in a position to help someone grow in a positive way…take the opportunity. Build your self-worth by building the worth of others. You’ll build a fortress that can’t be blown down…even by the hair on your chinny chin chin.

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