Passion Is Something For You To Discover

Your passion…

Can you show passion every day? Or are you just waiting for that perfect job, or maybe even retirement? Maybe you say to yourself, “When I’m done working, then I can do what I like or am passionate about.”

When you get that perfect job, then you can finally start bringing out your passions.  When you retire, then you can actually get passionate about your family.

[box] Passionate – a strong and barely controllable emotion (apple dictionary)[/box]

Passion is something that can be felt by others. You can’t hide it. You don’t want to hide it. You want to share it. Passion is something for you to discover for yourself. If you’re not feeling it, you better get to work and find it.

Passion is not an “I’ll do it later” kind of thing.

So find it (try to peel back the onion) and share it now.


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