“Okay” is the scariest place to be

Ever responded with, “Okay” when asked how you’re doing?

If you responded with, “GREAT” you just might passionately proceed to tell why…or your answer could have been, “Horrible” and you might proceed to tell why, in an upset but passionate tone.  Both of these responses have feeling and drive behind them.  Either way, there’s a choice made.  You are doing good or bad.  You are going to keep doing what you’re doing to be GREAT or change something because no one wants to stay HORRIBLE. You’ve picked, and acknowledged your choice.

The person who is, “just okay” is in the worst spot and they probably don’t even realize it.  Neither good or bad…choosing to continue in stagnancy with no drive to change.  In life, business, family, or what ever other subject you’d like to pick, be anything but ok, that choice is the scariest place to be.


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