Maybe The Message Is Dead

Just like anything else, when there is no life it is considered dead.

Many printers take a lot of time trying to convince their customers that print is not dead.  While I agree with them, it is NOT based on some well orchestrated poll or response rate when compared to some other media. It is based on the idea that you make it dead or alive.

So, if print is not dead, what makes it alive?

The paper and ink? Are websites dead?  Is Facebook dead?  It is not the media, but the way you use it.  Maybe the message is dead?

For example, when designing a mail piece it would make sense to fill up most of the mailer with a list of services and be sure the recipients know what you can offer them…right? I couldn’t disagree more.  Make the recipients so intrigued by your message that they search out what you do.  Make them want more. That is active and alive.

Let’s agree to stop trying to decide what is dead and make something alive because of how we use it.  Do it different, do it exciting, do it with passion, do it with purpose, and it will be alive.


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