Make your design fit like a suit.

We are surrounded every day by pleasing design. It is a part of us whether we think we enjoy it, notice it, and appreciate it or not. Billboards, magazines and commercials all try to appeal to the audience through targeted design.

When shopping for clothing, we are essentially designing the way we look with color, texture, smell, and even frames. When purchasing a men’s suit, the arm length of the suit jacket should expose about ½ inch of the dress shirt sleeve, along with  ½ inch of the shirt collar above the jacket collar. Why? Just to keep tailors in business? Not at all. The ½ inch of exposed shirt frames the jacket, just as a frame does with a work of art on the wall. This element is often over-looked because we are unaware or think that the extra $50-$100 in tailoring is not worth it. I guess if you’re not selling suits, and your suit sleeves are too long, it’s not the end of the world. You should know though, your suit will never look as appealing as the suit on the mannequin.

So, let’s say you are trying to sell your services and you want to start marketing your business. The first option, for most, is to open MS Word or Publisher and start designing a logo. Then, find the cheapest website provider along with some free business cards. Remember, you’re trying to tell the world they should purchase from you because you’re different and BETTER than anyone else (if you’re not, don’t even bother). Imagine going to buy a suit and the gentleman helping you does not have his suit properly tailored. Maybe, you don’t know all the ins and outs of how a suit should fit, but you can definitely tell the suit on the salesman does not look like the one on the mannequin. Or…imagine, you have a contractor come to your house to give you an estimate and you inquire about his tidiness…if he’ll clean up after himself every day. You look at his vehicle and it looks like his whole office is in the truck and it hasn’t been washed in a year. No matter what the contractor tells you, there is a reluctance to believe he’ll clean up if he can’t take care of his own stuff.

The “design” of a business tells more about it than any words. So, when we want to show the world who we are, it might be a good idea to get someone involved who knows the basic elements of design. There are a lot of freelance artists that are chomping at the bit to get some design work into their portfolio. Their work is very affordable. Many would be surprised at how affordable it is to get a logo/corporate identity produced. The look can be very clean and simple, but designed to be pleasing to look at. Just like it is worth the extra $50 to get that suit fitting just right, or the $10 car wash, we should put in that little extra and make design a top priority or else we are wasting our time.

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