Gotta Make The Map

The Map

You’re driving somewhere for the first time. You open your GPS app and input the address. Imagine it telling you, “No information, you should know how to get there.”

I use Apple Maps on my iPhone. It gives me turn by turn directions and alerts for upcoming turns or detours. It looks as though I always know exactly where I’m headed. If I decide to do my own thing, it reroutes me and gets me back on track.  We are so fortunate to have this technology at our finger tips.

Point The Way

This model should be a clear example of why every company MUST have a clear road map pointing the way. A purpose or destination with core values directing every turn. Companies/teams/associations should not assume everyone knows how to get there.

The Core

We identify the “Core” as the purpose statement and values of a company. It is the building block that must be established to build everything else on. The “Core” of every company should be rock solid, understood, celebrated and protected.

Make the map so your team knows the way. They will feel more empowered to make decisions like they always knew where they were headed.

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