Looking back can put you in the right direction

Do you know the history behind the company you work for or own?  Do you see value in reflecting on the reasons why the company even exists?

I often look around at my life and see it as a collection of my family before me making sacrifices to get me to today.  Maybe they weren’t literally thinking of today, but they were thinking about making it better for their children and then their children made it better for their children and so on.  It is important for me to reflect and recognize what the  goals and missions of my family before me. There is some pride when I say this, but I feel like one unwritten goal was to be better today than we were yesterday.  That goal grounds me, makes me do the same, and keeps me from saying, “this is good enough for my children.”  I’m not just speaking of material “stuff,” but life in general.  I hope my children are better parents than my wife and I. It would mean, we taught them to improve on the mistakes my wife and I made as parents.

As your company progresses, do you take the time to reflect where your company has come from, where it has been, and stick to the goals in order to point the company in the correct direction for the future?  Are those goals and missions communicated and woven into everything you do?  The answer should be yes.  It roots and grounds you and your company in the correct course.  The things you sell have changed, the technology has changed, the market has changed, but that has nothing to do with WHY you do what you do.  Dig deep and remember what you or the ones before you set out to do and get out and do it.

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