Let Ryan wear his stupid v-necks

We don’t get out much any more, but when we do…

Gina and I will be getting ready to go out, she’ll walk by the closet and, I mean like she has never asked me this question before, she will sincerely ask me the exact question she has asked me every other time we’ve gone somewhere. Then…mid question, she’ll realize she already knows the answer when she sees me standing there smiling, but with my smirk I’m actually telling her, “do you really need to ask?”  Then she replies, “Why do I even ask what your going to wear? Let me guess a black v-neck?”  Every time! Seriously, EVERY time!  It is so fun being married to such a sport.  I’m weird, I know it, and she still loves me…I think?

I realized that maybe subconsciously she is really asking me, “Are you going to wear something different this time…please?”  She is begging in her own way that I will wear something other than that stupid smedium (urban dictionary) black v-neck.  I’m sure there are a lot of new colors out there; a lot of new styles and cuts, but I like mine.  I don’t want to change just yet.  I feel great in my v-neck…and once again Gina has taught me an invaluable lesson.

She knows there would be such and advantage for me to “upgrade” to a different shirt, maybe even a different color. But…she is willing to humor me until I’m ready.  She just smiles and nods and precedes to treat me like the coolest guy in the world.  She doesn’t waste a bunch of energy trying to list out the advantages of wearing other shirts.  In time, I’ll go to her and ask, “So, what other shirts could I be wearing?”  Eventually, I’ll try something new that will be even better and I’ll ask why I hadn’t tried earlier.  The lesson here…

Not everyone is ready for your “upgrade,” regardless how efficient or new. When you call it an upgrade, it had better be to the advantage of your customer, and not just to efficiency at which you operate your company.  Over time, if it is an advantage or an upgrade people will naturally migrate. If you are offering something new to your customers, be certain the underlying motivation is to help them accomplish their goals.  If that sincerity is evident, the upgrade or change will be natural.  We still have customers who order by fax. Yes, it would be to OUR advantage for them to order online, but if it does not offer an advantage for them right now, then it means nothing until they are ready.

Push forward always looking to make what you do better, but be sure you are doing it for your customers.  If your customer wants to keep wearing v-necks…do like Gina.  Just smile and precede to treat them like the coolest customer in the world. If there is an advantage to wearing crew necks, they’ll see the light.

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