Let help create the hype

The alarm clock goes off and I try to lift my head.  It feels like it is a 100lb. bowling ball. My neck is messed up. After that morning, I lived a horrible two weeks acting like a crippled 95 year old man. Friends and family, seeing my pain, offered advice and support. But…I started hearing a repetitive piece of advice from David, Jennifer, Michael, Tom, Sydney, Jack,  and Heather.  Go see Dr. Patterson. Then they went on to tell me why.  Individually, and on separate occasions, they all told me…he helped them.

They didn’t tell me what school he went to, or what celebrity he sees, how smart he is, or even how much he charges.  Those were not factors that meant anything.  They were irrelevant.  I needed help and I had an army of testimonies pointing me to where to get it.  I made an appointment and after two visits I felt great. Dr. Patterson told me not to come back unless I needed to.  I was amazed.  He really wanted to help me. Add my name to the list of testimonies!

Don’t rely on irrelevant information to amaze people.  Most companies are smart enough to be in business.  Most companies have the latest technology.  Most companies have credentials a mile long.  What amazes people enough to talk to their friends and family about you is when you help.  Let help create the hype.

*The picture above is LPC Group helping by cleaning up our stretch of the Macomb Orchard Trail.

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