Knight Rider not Knight Liar

When I was about seven years old, the vail was ripped from my eyes. I found out that Kit from the Knight Rider wasn’t really a talking car.

I went to Universal Studios with my parents and sister.  I saw Kit in the distance and immediately felt butterflies in my stomach.  I could not wait to sit in the black leather driver seat and just say, “Hi”.  We stood in line and when it was my turn to approach the car, all of my questions vanished from my head because I was so excited.  Thankfully Kit had experience with this sort of thing…he made me feel very comfortable and carried the conversation.  When I was done, I walked away in disbelief with what had just happened.  I was crazy excited and was amazed that I had just talked to a car.  He knew what I looked like and what I was wearing! How cool!  I asked my mom how it was possible? Then she said it…she said, “Didn’t you see that man in the booth next to the car?”  My heart sank and I realized that what I perceived was not reality. (In defense of my mom, she thought I knew.  She was always trying to keep the magic in the house.)

When we find out that what we perceive is not reality, it can be one of the worst let downs.  What is interesting though is that we get taught that perception is everything from the time we are very young.  It is actually embraced as a sales tactic.  “I’m the best candidate because I hold little children and act like I care about your job.”  “I’m the business you should partner with because my mission statement says I will meet and exceed your expectations.”  Neither of the things listed above are bad things if they are true.  If you do like to hold children and you do care about my job, it will be evident in everything you do. You’ll even do it when no one is looking.  If you are a great business to partner with, let’s ask your employees how they’re treated. That will speak to what kind of partner you are. It is not enough to have a perceived image.  If the perceived image that you send out does not match reality, it is only a matter of time before you let someone down.  Don’t be a let down…it is a harsh reality.

Really mom…I’m not bitter about the Kit thing anymore…haha

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