Killed by a fan blade

So, I’m at the gym…

Getting my work out on, while looking at all the inspirational posters inspiring me to keep going, work harder, and stay healthy.  My music is bumping and I hear a weird sound over the music in my ears.  I look up and see one of the ceiling fans above me is missing a blade and it looks like it’s going to detach from the ceiling any second.  I go up to the front desk and describe what I had just viewed.  While I’m telling the story to the people at the front desk the janitor comes up and says, “I’m glad you said something because I’ve been telling them about that fan for weeks now.”  Just as she finishes her sentence the owner smooths the situation over by telling me they “we are well aware of the problem with the fan…but thanks.” It was apparent,  he really did not want to be bothered yet again about the fan.

I love the motivating gym posters, but they mean nothing when that fan blade comes flying at my head. Be sure to creatively motivate your customers, but don’t neglect the really simple things that can keep from “killing” the relationship. Simply put, love your customers, take care of them, always give them more than they expect, and then after doing all that maybe they’ll look at your cool posters.

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