It’s simple…I’m happy, I have a hot dog

That was the statement made by a two-year-old.  It was actually the daughter of our artist here at LPC.  Kris told me what struck him was the simplicity of her happiness. He said it put life in to perspective for him.  Really? Isn’t it just a cute thing said by a little toddler?  I think it is way more than that. I think we can learn something from little Alessia.

Basically, she told her parents simple is better.  Happiness to her was not complex.  She basically said, I have what I like, therefore I am happy.  Her happiness was not based on expectation of the future or even what happened five minutes ago.   It was simple, and her simplicity made her parents reflect.

When trying to communicate a message, whether it is a marketing ad, sales brochure, or even the mission or purpose of your company…KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Instead of saying, “We strive to communicate in a way that is above and beyond our customer’s expectations…” How about, “We talk so you can understand”?  Simple things are remembered. Simple things provoke thought. Simple things can be re-communicated. Simple things just make sense.

Don’t over-complicate things because nobody will remember a word of it…remember, “I’m happy, I have a hot dog.”


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