It’s Never A Moving Target

Where do you aim?

Something new comes out every day that changes everything. So, how do you effectively stay on target of marketing your business?

Know your target!

Are you aiming at closing the deal or sale?
Are you aiming at convincing someone you know what you are talking about?
Or are you aiming at care?

If you are aiming at anything else but care, you are aiming at a moving target.
Making someone feel like you truly care always works.

The way in which you show you care is always moving, can be new and fresh…and the fact that you truly care drives you to be the best at what you do.  So, there is still hard work and major creativity needed, but the target doesn’t move.

What’s funny about your target is everyone around you knows what you’re aiming at.
Aim for care, and we’ll feel it.


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