Is Anything Possible?

On a Saturday morning drive this past week, my daughter asked me, “Daddy, I’ve heard people say that anything is possible. Is that true?”  I asked her for a minute to think about how I’d like to answer that AWESOME question.  I actually thrive off of these MOST difficult types of questions. I love it when my kids ask me questions that make me think about what I actually believe and not just what sounds good.

I thought to myself, if I say yes then that would mean if she wanted to be a fairy with magical powers then she might think that could actually happen. If I say no, then I could stump a dream she might have in the future or even now. I had to ask myself what I really believed and not what I thought she needed to hear.  When I told her what I truly believed she said, “Daddy, that makes sense and I’m excited.”

It doesn’t matter what I told her, besides it is what I believed.  When you hold true to that, it generates excitement that makes sense.

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