Hypocrites are horrible teachers

We are told and believe, the customer is always right. Every company trains it’s employees to practice this belief.  So, naturally the employees are in the front lines exhibiting this to customers.  They make this belief REAL for the customer. It only makes sense then, that every company’s FIRST customer is it’s employees.

If I want my kids to be nice, I really should be nice to them.  I should show them how it’s done.  If I want them to learn how to be trust worthy, then I should show them how to build trust.  If I want my older daughter to teach my younger son how to share, I need to share with my daughter, and in turn, it will naturally  be transferred to my  son.  These examples are so elementary that they almost seem ridiculous to mention, but many struggle to bring these same concepts into business.   If a business wants its employees to go above and beyond the “call of duty” with its customers, then the business must show employee how it’s done. Go beyond the “call of duty” for the employee and they will do the same for the customer.  It will be so rooted in who they are and the culture of the business, that it will automatically flow to the customer.

No business (at least I hope not), intentionally trains it’s employees to be anything other than the best, but many times the inferred training is completely opposite of the formal training. You treat the customers this way, but you’ll be treated the opposite way.  Every business wants a rock solid marketing plan. Included in that plan must be gaining buy in and trust from its employees.  They must believe in the company or they won’t sell it.

So, if you want to keep your customers happy, your first order of business is to make sure your employees are happy.  The employee is always right in assuming you will treat them as your first customer.


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