Go up a slide once in a while

I love bringing my kids to the park.

When making a visit to the park was new, my kids would have such a blast going down the slide over and over again.  Over time, I could see their little minds working as they got more and more confident. They would look at the slide thinking, ” I wonder what would happen if I went UP the slide?” They tried, and I would yell, “Don’t go up the slide, it is dangerous. Don’t go up the slide, someone might be coming down.  That’s not the right way to use a slide.  Do it the right way.” Even with my warnings, they continued to test out the idea.

One evening, we were at the park and no one else was there. So, I didn’t stop them from going up the slide.  Their first attempt was a complete disaster, the second was a little better, and before I knew it they were running up the slide.  Their balance had improved, they knew where to hold on, and they had learned to do something new by failing, testing, then evaluating. My yelling about the right way to use a slide was ok to keep them and the others safe…but when that risk was not a factor, and they were allowed to act on their curiosity, my kids were able to learn things that they could only learn from going up a slide.

Take time to be curious, go up a slide, fall, learn, evaluate, and try something new.  You might learn something unexpected.

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