Give This And You’ll Never Regret The Return.

Giving is such a funny thing.

As kids, we always want what’s fair.
I think the phrase I hear most from my kids is “…it’s not fair.”

When I give, without even thinking about it, I look for an equal or maybe an even greater return on my give. I’m human, so it’s what we do.

But before I start hating on myself…
Let’s look at what I give…a present, money, lunch, a pen, a calendar.
Then I look for a return that may or may not happen.

But what about giving thanks?
What about telling someone…

“Good job, thanks.”

What is the return of thanks?
First, I feel good because I did what’s right.

“The right thing to do is always the right thing to do.” – Gary V

Then maybe, just maybe, my thanks makes someone else feel good, and my return has doubled.
That’s totally not “fair”…I give thanks and get back double in return?

Give more of the right stuff, and totally unfair stuff may come your way!
Always give thanks. You’ll never regret the return.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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