Everything is art

You are an artist…
because everything is art.

Loving others is “art”
Good parenting is “art”
Good teaching is “art”
Learning is “art”
Healthy living is “art”

You get it….everything is “art.”

My daughter has an art class one day a week at her school.  She loves it.  They do a great job helping her draw and paint scenarios she has experienced.   Maybe it’s a trip we’ve made or her just playing with her cousins outside.  But,  then at home there are the times I’ll see her grab her crayons and a sheet of paper and just draw shapes, glue pieces of paper and add glitter. Then she’ll ask me, “Daddy is this art?”  I always respond, “Everything is art.”

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. (apple dictionary)

Do you see yourself as an artist? You should. You have lots of creative  “one of a kind” bones in your body. You’re the only one of you.

One of the most important parts of art is that it encourages a reaction.  Most of us look to encourage a positive reaction.  A reaction that attracts.  A reaction that motivates.  A reaction that supports our personal values.  When my daughter asks me if what she created is art…what impresses me the most is that she doesn’t ask me if it is “good” art.  She doesn’t have to ask. Based on my reaction, she knows it is something that brings a smile to my face, so she’ll try it again.  When you see yourself as an artist you won’t rest on successes. You’ll never stop creating and you aren’t destroyed by your failures because all you did was get that one out of the way.  Take the time to glean knowledge and experience from those who went before you, ask why, and learn.  Then make art.

You are making art whether you know it or not.  So, if you’re going to sit down in front of a canvas, might as well make it an original.

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