Do Your Eyes Light Up?

When you talk about what you do…do your eyes light up?

If you were to mention my wife and cooking in the same sentence, my eyes would light up, cause I know it’s going to be good.

If you were to talk about protein options with a bodybuilder, I would imagine his/her eyes would light up and he/she would share the best advice.

If you ask my son about Fortnite or if you ask my daughter about slime…you get what I’m saying.

When you get a chance to talk about or “do” what you love…you can’t help but light up. Why do we spend so much time in the dark? Who said we couldn’t spend every day lit!
If you love what you do and light up when you get a chance to talk about it, then stop reading.

Or if you used to light up or always wished you could light up, then I’m going to share the most important piece of advice I can give…


Not me. Not your boss. Not your company. Not your mom. Not your dad. Not your wife.

The foundation of what I do is based on a purpose much bigger than myself and when I remember that, I cannot help but have a bonfire in my eyes when you talk about what I love.
Don’t be a sales pitch. Don’t be a walking brochure.

If I talk to you about what you spend 40+ hours per week doing, and I can’t see your eyes light up…just give me the brochure.

We all want the light.

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