Sometimes You’re Too Close

Take a step back. The only way to really appreciate a picture is to take a step back so you can see the whole thing. If you only look close, you could miss what the entire picture is expressing. Work is a picture. Branding and Marketing is a picture Your next decision is a picture. […]

Stay The Course

“Patience is a virtue.” We all want to see the results of any labor immediately. It’s natural and completely normal to experience those expectations, but we know it is NOT reasonable. Why then would marketing and branding be any different? It is a LONG GAME kinda thing. A new Facebook Ad or Instagram picture isn’t […]

Give This And You’ll Never Regret The Return.

Giving is such a funny thing. As kids, we always want what’s fair. I think the phrase I hear most from my kids is “…it’s not fair.” When I give, without even thinking about it, I look for an equal or maybe an even greater return on my give. I’m human, so it’s what we […]

The Interview. The First Step To…

Disaster or Synergy. Your choice. The first step in designing the company culture you desire… …is to hire the right people. How do I know this? I’ve hired right and I’ve hired wrong. Right has brought growth and synergy. Wrong has brought nothing but disaster. Why would anyone rush this MOST IMPORTANT step that provides the […]

Whatcha Gonna Do?

“Whatcha gonna do when the Hulkster runs wild on you, brother?” I remember Hulk Hogan saying that before every big WWF wrestling match. Basically saying to his opponent…are you prepared and have you thought about what could happen when I get in that ring? Believe it or not, Hulk Hogan’s quote is in my head ALL […]

Carrots In My Salad

I didn’t like carrots in my salad until I did. Anytime I had a choice to have carrots in my salad, my answer was always, “No thank you.” Until one day… …I went to lunch with my friend Anthony at a local Lebanese restaurant.  We sat down and discussed what we would order. Anthony suggested the chicken […]

The Opportunity!

Everybody is a little right. Everybody is a little wrong. Which means nobody has it all figured out. That’s your opportunity. Put your head down. Do it your way. Listen. Try. Do. …and be willing to accept the good and the bad.  

Don’t Forget

At a minimum… Don’t forget what it is like to be a kid. Don’t forget where you came from. Don’t forget what got you where you are. Or you could just remember. When I remember what it is like to be a kid… When I remember where I came from… When I remember what got […]

You’ve Got To Start From The Start

Loverboy had it all figured out… You would never start from the end….right? As Steven Covey says in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – you should start with the end in mind. But, he didn’t say start with the end. If you are starting something new, take one step. The next day, take […]

Do Your Eyes Light Up?

When you talk about what you do…do your eyes light up? If you were to mention my wife and cooking in the same sentence, my eyes would light up, cause I know it’s going to be good. If you were to talk about protein options with a bodybuilder, I would imagine his/her eyes would light […]