Build Your Dreams

“The most important part to understand about what you do, is why.”

Is it about the money?

Is it about the title?

Is it about the lifestyle?

Is it about the value you bring to others?


Any of these are ok as long as you are honest with yourself. 

If it is a dream, don’t stop at dreaming, build something!  Do something about the dream.  Even if it is one small move in that direction.


Retirement is not the time to do what you enjoy. Life is the time.

If you understand WHY you do what you do every day, the how’s, when’s and where’s are easily identified and built.

Personally and in business the “WHY” is the most important part to understand.

It is what motivates you to “keep on keeping on” when things get tough.

It is what keeps you focused when others try to tell you you’re crazy.

It is what gives that little stir in your heart when your why or purpose motivates someone else to do what they love.

Are you building your dream today?

If so, keep building and don’t give up.

If not, it’s not too late.

Your boss is not holding you back…your bills aren’t stopping you…your friends’ criticisms aren’t making you hold back…YOU ARE!

“Start With Why”

“Don’t start with how, because you’ll never remember why.”


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