Boring? It’s all your fault!

Recently, LPC Group got involved in a community-based organization that encourages graphic arts training in high school. Sadly, the showing from those in the industry was extremely light and conversely, the student enrollment was at capacity. I was very bothered by the news. Then, I realized it was all my fault. The young ones coming up are interested in the graphic arts, but we, the printers and graphic artists, don’t show any enthusiasm around what we do everyday. As a whole, the printing industry has done a very poor job of telling everyone how much fun we have. We don’t just put ink on paper anymore. We have the wonderful opportunity to help small and large companies brand themselves. We create logos, websites, mobile applications and have a ton of fun working with our clients to capture new customers. I wonder how many young minds we’ve lost, as an industry, because what we do seems so boring.

If what you do everyday seems boring to others…it’s all your fault. Make what you do matter and young, energetic, smart, fun and passionate individuals will be attracted. They will eventually help you move your industry forward. Make it your fault that the industry you work in thrives and adapts to our ever-changing world.

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