Peel Back The Onion

The onion is not as stinky as you think…


If you asked yourself, “have I fulfilled my role as a (boss, employee, father, mother, son, daughter, student – I think you get it) today?” what would your answer be? Shut your eyes and think of one of the places you’d most like to improve. If you accomplished or fulfilled your role, what would be the benefit of that? What would be the outcome or result?

One example could be, if I fulfilled my role today as a father, I would make my children feel loved.

Now, step two is to ask yourself, “what is the benefit of that outcome?”  In my example, what is the benefit of making my children feel loved? Maybe the benefit of that would be that my children will understand love and would be able to share it with others. Now, what is the benefit of that?  My children would be equipped to show that love to his/her spouse and children. What’s the benefit of that? My family will have a perpetuation of love. If I peel back the onion, I find that when I love my children today, I am actually blessing my family with a heritage of love. So, by fulfilling my role or purpose as a father I am creating a love legacy.

From my experience, I recommend peeling back 5 layers of the “benefit of” onion to get to the root of the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish at home, work, and/or your spiritual life.

Don’t believe me?

Try peeling back the onion today – no one will know you did, except the people you effect the most.


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