Are You Turning Into A Commodity? It’s All Up To You.

In the past…

You needed an expensive camera to take great pictures.
You needed crazy computers and software to design a nice looking ad.
You had to send out 10,000 mailers to connect with people you could never reach on your own.
You had to pay a pretty penny for a commercial.

Now you can do it ALL from your phone.

These realities have driven the price down for all of the above.

Before we get defensive about our trade or craft…
What hasn’t changed, is relationships and stories.

Keep building your craft, but you must have a story behind what you do and you must continue cultivate relationships.

That will never change.

You can’t be a jerk, but good at what you do. Those days are past.
No one wants to, or needs to deal with that any longer.
I’ll find someone who is hungry, for half the price, who I actually like dealing with.

Today is one of the most exciting times to be in business, because it is all up to you, and you have no one else to blame.

Check out our new podcast here…on building relationships with Anthony Rubino from Pilot Property Group

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