Are you a winner?

What does winning look like to you?

The most points on the board? Beating the opponent? Making the sale? How about making someone smile? Maybe meeting someone new today? Could it even be going to bed with a thankful heart?

Winning is being successful today in what you know is essential in order to win again tomorrow. Remember, small wins always put you in the championship game.

Wins could be…

I worked out for 30 minutes this week…next week I can do 31 minutes.  I’ll be a picture of health soon.

I spent 5 extra minutes with my kids yesterday…lets go for 7 extra minutes tomorrow.  My kids will know their father loves them.

I made my client laugh today…he’ll see me as a genuine friend soon.  I don’t just have clients, but friends who know I care about helping his/her business succeed.

Small wins always transform into HUGE life altering championships.

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