A Goodbye Kiss to Cadillac

Over the recent years, Detroit has had a real grass roots, nitty gritty kind of revival. We’ve put the message out that we are tough, hard working, get our hands dirty kind of folks. The city is working to get back to what helped build it in the first place. Laying aside politics and personal gain in an effort to revitalize a city that we all love and want to see thrive. A lot of effort has been made by a lot of people to change the negative connotation that seems to follow Detroit.

Just recently, Cadillac has decided to move executive and creative teams to New York so they can spread their wings and “reinstate the brand to a pre-eminent position among global luxury brands.” Basically, Cadillac feels it can gain a better position amongst luxury brands by moving to New York. I don’t necessarily agree, but I say let them do what they have to do….and now lets get to work!

There seems to be a very hard response to the move, from many creative professionals. Some suggest we should make our disapproval known to GM and Cadillac, so they realize Detroit is a better place for the brand. They suggest that we should rally together and protest the move in order to show our protective attitude towards the city.


If we want to show the luxury brand that they’ve made the wrong decision, I would think the wrong approach would be to gang up and demand Cadillac stay somewhere they don’t want to be. That doesn’t sound like the best message to me. What if…we stay on target, continue to work hard, and prove to the nation that we are the place to be? Let’s prove to Cadillac that they should be here. Resting on our laurels and demanding reciprocal back scratching is what got us into trouble in the past. I don’t think it will work for the future. How about we blow a kiss to Cadillac and wish them well. If we rally at all, it should be together in a collaborative way to gain creative ground.

Let’s not lose focus because our feelings got hurt. The Detroit I know thrives on adversity and obstacles, learns something, and comes out on top. Be what you want the City to be, and the advantages of playing a part in this revitalization will be louder than any persuasive words.

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