90% people….Did you hear me? 90%!!!

90% of searchers…

Haven’t made up their mind about a brand before starting their search.

Do you realize the opportunity you have?

That means that most people are looking for you to help them make up their mind.

And by the way…the internet is free.

Yeah, it takes a lot of grit, hustle and thought to set you, your business or non-profit apart from the rest, but isn’t that what you expect from the brands you love and follow?

Don’t be any less. Don’t drop the bar because it’s you.

And most of all, don’t say it’s too much work.  Your grandfather who dug ditches for a living or your great grandma who traveled to America on a packed stinky ship would roll over in their graves.

Put in the time and energy into what pumps you up every day…share it…and you’ll help the 90% find what they are looking for.

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