There is a question that is so simple it can be asked in one word. Most of the time, when  asked this question, we feel bothered to even try to answer it…but when WE ask it, we will search high and low for the answer. Many times, it is the most important question ever asked.

The question is…


Don’t ever be afraid to ask it and don’t be intimidated by being asked it.  The question,  “Why?” is important because it forces you, me, her, him, everyone to search and explore.

Why do we do it that way?

Why can’t we try something new?

Why is this happening?

Why isn’t that working?

Why do you feel that way?

Why do I feel this way?

The most amazing part about the question “Why?” is that the answer is not important.  When exploring the “why” of something don’t get too hung up on the answer, but see how far the successes and failures along the way bring you.  Embrace both, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll start asking yourself, “Why not?”

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