5 Essentials to properly branding your company

So much time is spent by businesses trying to figure out which sales tactic, message or look will make people want to buy what they are selling.

Businesses must see themselves as a brand.  What does your brand look like? Sound like?

How would that brand walk down the street?  How would your brand talk if you held a conversation with it? What lingo would it use?

This should be consistent across your brand in order for your message to be loud and clear. There are 5 things every business should focus on to properly brand itself on purpose.

Branding On Purpose

Core – the why
Your business operating with a clear purpose or “core” that is shared amongst all team members. Creating and supporting your purpose, values, and company culture.  This is the cornerstone of everything you do.

Sight – the look
Your brand sending the right message to support the purpose of your business. Creating a logo, digital assets and printed material that is cohesive and sends the desired “core” message.

Hearing – the sound
Your message crafted deliberately loud, clear, consistent, new, refreshing, and most of all, helpful. Emails, social media and websites all speaking the same lingo.

Touch – the interaction
You treat prospects, customers, and employees in a way that supports your purpose. Creating a system in which you anticipate what is needed by prospects, customers, and employees by proactively engaging or “touching” them all.

Smell and Taste – the aftertaste
Your business’s purpose is continually being supported and reinforced. What is the “aftertaste” left after any and all interactions with your company.

Hold true to these and protect them.  Remember, they embody what you do best as a business.  So, to vary from these would mean to vary from your purpose.

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